New Age, New Love: Teen Empowerment Summit

On March 17th, Girls Speak Hosted a Teen Empowerment Summit for Domestic Violence Awareness. Youth and their parents participated in a one day workshop to navigate through scenarios and find necessary tools to effectively leave an uncomfortable or dangerous situation.

Girls Speak Founder, Sharon Anderson and assistant pictured.
Some youth participants of the summit captured before breaking for lunch



Windsor Crossing Apartments Senior Housing

We are pleased to announce our collaboration with Windsor Crossing Senior Housing Apartments. Our private event welcomed senior residents at the complex to paint a landscape with guidance from Arts on The Pike founder, Anika Fountain, and a little bit of liquid inspiration.Seniors.jpgWindsor Flyer.png

Ladies preparing their canvasses with a coat of paint in preparation for their spring landscape.



All The Right Moves- Hand Dancing at Shops at Iverson

On Saturday, March 9th,  Creative Suitland hosted a hand-dancing event at the Shops at Iverson. Instructor Novella Campbell guided the community through basic line dancing  movement. To join us for  our next free hand-dancing class at shops at Iverson, click here to reserve ticket.


Here are some images from our first hand-dancing event of 2019, Photography by Justin Walker.

Joe's Movement-Hand Dancing-18.jpg

Ladies on one side and gents on the other!

Joe's Movement-Hand Dancing-1.jpg

Instructor Novella Campbell leading the ladies through a basic line dancing step

Joe's Movement-Hand Dancing-5.jpg

We had great music to groove to, look at him move!

Joe's Movement-Hand Dancing-22.jpg

Ladies taking a break and watching a demonstration for the next steps of choreography by Novella Campbell.

Joe's Movement-Hand Dancing-6.jpg

Project Coordinator Indigo (right), welcoming passersby to join in on the fun.

Joe's Movement-Hand Dancing-13.jpg

Project Coordinator, Indigo, and Community Outreach Coordinator, Britt, handing out water and providing information about Creative Suitland and our upcoming events.

Joe's Movement-Hand Dancing-17.jpg

More people join in on the fun, and the hand-dancing activities begin!

Joe's Movement-Hand Dancing-15.jpg

Right foot forward, left food back!

Joe's Movement-Hand Dancing-26.jpg

Thank you to all who came out to participate, our next Creative Suitland hand-dancing event are as follows:

April 13th, 3-5pm

May 11th, 3-5pm

June 8th, 3-5pm

Hope to see you there!

Joe's Movement-Hand Dancing-11.jpg


Ladi Di: Live not in Vain

We are pleased to announce Women’s History Month Poetry Festival 2019, A Tribute to Aretha Franklin, Saturday, March 30th, 2-5pm at Creative Suitland. The following interview conducted by Richelle Hammiel share’s Ladi Di’s thoughts on the upcoming event and Women’s History Month. 51050309_299323797605560_4195729156048158720_n

by Richelle Hammiel, Georgetown University

Women’s history shows the evolution of women not being heard, to them having power of expression through their words. DC native, Sylvia Diane Beverly was raised by two parents who breathed poetry and knowledge. Now a melodic poet known as “Ladi Di”, Beverly brough her family’s passion to life and created opportunities for future poets.

What is the significance of  Women’s History Month?

Women’s History Mornth is to bring attention to notable women that have made a difference in the world. Hopefully to learn something and to teach something.

As a poet who’s written for the Smithsonians and your own works, Forever in Your Eyes and Cooking up South, would you say that your’re making history? 

Yes, they say that I am becoming a history maker.

At the University of the District of Columbia, you studied under professor/ poet, Gill Scott Heron who said, “poetry doesn’t have to be so deep”. How deep is your poetry? Tell me about your sound. 

My poetry is melodic because I was blesed with a natural melody in my voice. My poetry is positive, enlightening, fun -filled, inspiring, encouraging. I can do my signature…..

I’ll Always Be Daddy’s Girl 

I’ll always be daddy’s girl

I wanna dance with my daddy again too

I wanna be his little girl, so happy, so true

I wanna whisper words and watch dad smile

I wanna hear him say too bad they can’t stay small a longer while

I’ll always be daddy’s girl

I know that Maya Angelous is one of your greates inspirations. Can you recall the first time that you read or heard one of her poems? 

Well my introductory to Maya was not her poetry, but her first novel, I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings. I read that book and I just felt, this person is very generous to share that much of her personal [life] and to put it in a book like that. She reached back to a childhood and brough it up to adulthood. I was impressed with [her]. I always wanted to be an author. So, I thought not that I would write poetry, but that i would write a memoir from reading hers.

Besides Maya Angelou, What other women should be represented during Women’s History Month? 

I always shine light on Sojourner Truth because she was an activist for women’s rights after slavery times and she took care of the less fortunate in hospitals. She always took out time for the children, for our youth. When I was given that lead role in a play as Sojourner, I studied the role, the script. Sojourner’s spirit jumped in me or I saw similar ways that I was already like Sojourner.

[Beverly’s Mother] Dorothy Eleanor Beverly,  devoted mother, wife, grandmother, great grandmother and friend to every person that she ever met and a prayer warrier. “My number one fan”, I have that poem dedicated to her.

When your mom passed how did it feel to take on the role of lading your family as many generations of women have? 

Very exciting. My mom prepared me well. I was the oldest girl, so i helped my mom raise my siblings. They all had/have a lot of respect for me. I want them to be responsible people, like my mother instilled in me to be responsible. One time I said, “Mommy how can you let me do so much, like shopping for groceries, preparing the menu/meals, taking them places… and how can you trust me so bravely with all of that said.” She said, “You never gave me a reason not to.”

Has being that matriarch played a role in your forming of Dazzling Poetess and Collective Voices? 

Ladi di.jpg

Collective Voices Left to Right: Sistah Joy, Brenado Taylor, and Ladi Di

The leadership role that my mom allowed me to take on before being a matriarch aided me in taking those leadership roles. I’m a trailblazer. I don’t have fear of. Faith keeps me without fear of taking on that step or that project.

What drives you to help those in the community with similar passions as yourself? 

That’s part of my legacy. That’s my mission and my goal . Because people don’t do it so much, they show more of a selffulness. I’m always saying, join in or form an organization for our youth, especially our youth, for our elders, our peers. Because I have so many opportunities to showcase my God-given talent, I want part of my legacy as that I help someone else. I say if I pass, I want my tombstone to read, “If I can help somebody, then my living will not be in vain.:

How can women continue to contribute to our history? 

They  need something. Take action. Think about it, don’t procrasinate on it. Do it. Then contact me. Google me, email me, Facebook me, Twitter me, Instagram me. I love helping people. Think further than what’s in your face. That’s what I’m saying to my Dazzling Poetess.



Upcoming events at Creative Suitland

Poetry Poster Project

Event Date: Tuesday, February, 26th, 7-9pm
Entry Fee: Free, Reserve ticket via Eventbrite

000.pngJoin us on Tuesday, 2/26, 7-9pm at Creative Suitland for the Poetry Poster Project, curated an hosted by Hiram Larew. Reading and reception will showcase the powerful diversity of poetic talent in Prince George’s County. Open Mic to follow reading for public participation. Reserve Your Free Ticket

All The Right Moves

Event Dates: March 9th, April 13th, May 11th, and June 8th
Event Times 3-5pm
Entry Fee: Free, Reserve your Free Ticket on Eventbrite


Creative Suitland Presents All The Right Moves at the Shops at Iverson, join us for a free demonstrationa and hand-dancing workshop lead by Kermit Banks of II Dance! Company.  Reserve Your Free Ticket, March 9th

New Age, New Love: Teen Empowerment Summit 

Event Date: March 17, 2019
Event Time: 3pm
Entry Fee: Free, Reserve your free ticket on Eventbrite


Creative Suitland is pleased to announce a collaboration of non-profits, youth and community focused organizations offering a free opportunity for teens and adults to come together and learn about teen dating violence, how to address it and the role parents and teens can play in establishing healthy relationships. This summit strives to promote safe and healthy relationships through education, empowerment, and community engagement. Reserve Your Free Ticket

Women’s History Month

Event Date: March 30th, 2019, 2-5pm
Entry Fee: Free, Reserve Your Free ticket on Eventbrite


Join us as we celebrate Women’s History Month at Creative Suitland with a tribute to Aretha Franklin on March 30th from 2-5pm. Enjoy this family-friendly event deaturing Dazzling Poetess. Reserve your free ticket today! Reserve Your Free Ticket